Mangroves in 1770, Queensland, Australia

The town of 1770 is one of Queensland’s hidden little treasures.  Beautiful beaches, fantastic wildlife, a campsite on the edge of the shore.  The town was built  by James Cook on his second landing in Australia in the year of 1770, which is where it gets it’s name funnily enough.  The shot was taken on […]

Black Egg, Tower of London, Tower Bridge and City Hall

I took a trip to Tower Bridge this weekend to get some shots of the sun rising within the arch of tower bridge. Unfortunately the sun wasn’t playing ball as the cloud was quite thick right up until the point that I started driving home to avoid the traffic… Whereas the shot wasn’t what I […]

EyeFi Card – Firmware update gives direct shooting to iPad

EyeFi have released the firmware update for all X2 cards that provides the ability to shoot directly to the iPad…. rock on! When you connect your EyeFi card to your computer you will be notified that the EyeFi center has an update (3.3). Once you complete the upgrade process for the EyeFi center this reveals […]

Victory in South East Asia Cup

Back in December 2005, a friend and I were on holiday together, doing the photography/back packing thing, we’d just arrived in Hanoi from Hong Kong and had spent the day familiarising ourselves with the city, getting out and about, capturing life on the streets of Hanoi.  I was quite surprised by a few things that […]

Posterous, the verdict so far… and another panoramic from Iceland

Posterous I’ve spent some time today working on Posterous and my initial impressions are that it’s awesome. As you will see from the look of the site, it’s completely customisable and this is done through editing/adding CSS and HTML.  It was almost a straight copy and paste from blogger to posterous with a little bit […]

DNS… oh dear DNS…

I’ve decided to go with Posterous as I really like the way it works… but… I now have an issue. I switched DNS to point to Blogger (my old hoster) and to Posterous… of course, now both are in a changing state across the name servers of the internet and it will take […]

It’s been a while…

Well all, it’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog, but it’s now a month outside of Microsoft/The Corporate World and I’m happily working on travels and photography trips… I will update on my applications to Microstock applications I made, I was successful on my application to iStockPhoto and quite a few others and […]

iStockPhoto.Com – Fail or Win?

This week I made my submission to iStockPhoto to setup an account as a contributing photographer.  The process was fairly straigh forward, you need to create your basic account, the standard username, password, email etc, nothing too exciting. Then they guide you through a pretty comprehensive description of what they consider to be good quality […]

Scotland – The Isle of Staffa – Basalt Columns, Fingals Cave and Puffins…

I’ve been going through some of my old photos and pulled out some from a camping trip to Scotland.  It’s been a few years since the visit and I’m definitely planning a trip there sometime this year, I’ve seen some inspirational photography from various people on flickr and it makes me want to get back […]

Avebury – Wiltshire

This morning I headed to Averbury, I set my alarm for 4:30, I clearly remember waking at 4:30 and turning off the alarm. Then the next thing I knew, it was 5:30… So, I rushed around, the dogs were excited to see I was getting ready to go out, little did they know that they […]