Ipad – The Photographers Toolkit – TPE; The Photographer’s Ephemeris


A lot of people will know the photographer’s ephemeris, it’s a very well known and powerful app for assessing the best time of the year to visit specific landscape locations and get shots with the sun in exactly the right position in relation to the landscape.  It takes all of the guess work from shooting […]

Ipad – The photographers toolkit? Part 1

This is the first part in a multi part blog article about the Ipad as a photographers toolkit. I’ve been a convert to the Ipad platform for a couple of months now.  I used to love my Acer NetBook on the road, it was the perfect tool for being out and about doing landscape photography. Surfing […]

I’m sure I’ve been here before…

On Saturday evening my wife and I decided to head to the coast and she kindly agreed to let me chase the sun for sunset. It’s not that fun when you’re not into photography like me driving around trying to find that perfect place.  We set off with the intent of going to Swanage, with […]