April 2011

More Bluebells in Ashridge


The weather has been fantastic in the UK for the past couple of weeks, very warm for the time of year and no complaints from me.  As it was bluebell time I decided it was a good idea to head back towards Ivinghoe to visit a favourite spot for shooting blubells just along the ridgeway.  Last year I was there and captured the shot below,

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March 2011

Ipad – The photographers Toolkit – Weather Apps


I've bought/downloaded a bucket load of weather apps for the iPad, many are absolutely useless.  The information about the weather is hit and miss, the amount of detail is limited and really not enough to get a feeling of what is going to be happening on the day I'm out shooting. I eventually settled on a few applications for my weather planning, but all of them

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February 2011

Ipad – The photographers toolkit? Part 1


This is the first part in a multi part blog article about the Ipad as a photographers toolkit. I've been a convert to the Ipad platform for a couple of months now.  I used to love my Acer NetBook on the road, it was the perfect tool for being out and about doing landscape photography. Surfing the net, doing research and tying that back into where

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