Black Egg, Tower of London, Tower Bridge and City Hall

I took a trip to Tower Bridge this weekend to get some shots of the sun rising within the arch of tower bridge. Unfortunately the sun wasn’t playing ball as the cloud was quite thick right up until the point that I started driving home to avoid the traffic… Whereas the shot wasn’t what I wanted, the results I am quite pleased with.  Shot at F11, 3 shot HDR, 6 vertical shots stitched together into one big fat panoramia…

At 5:30 on a Saturday morning, you always meet interesting people in London… they generally fall into a selection of categories…

Excersising… running up and down, starting off their weekend with masochism, I always like to say hello to these people as it makes them jump, they don’t seem to be used to communication from random people in London, perhaps they think they’re going to be mugged by a photographer.  

Partiers… having finished a night of partying very hard from the looks on their faces, they’re wandering around to find somewhere to see the sun come up, often staggering or jittering dependant upon what the night has been filled with, I generally offer these people a group photo as there is always one creative among them with a camera that decided it would be cool to get a picture of sunrise much to the distain of the person jittering or staggering the most.

Workers… I always feel most sorry for these people, who wants to work on a Saturday damn it, I mean, I can’t call what I do work, I love it too much… but there are people that have to work at this time and they always get a hearty “morning” from me..

Photographers / Film Makers…  I always bump into other photographers that have decided to get up and do the same thing as me or even a film making crew that is looking for that empty streets of London shot with some scantily clad girl looking bloody cold at 5:00am…  I was once told to get out of shot for a film crew that had turned up at the London Eye after I had been there a full hour before them. I politely reminded who was here first and if they kept their little faces out of my shot I’d be happy to get out of theirs once I had completed my work… but apparently what they were doing was more important than what I was doing… I set down my shutter release, opened my backpack and started to pour a tasty beverage I had in a flask whilst smiling politely… picked up the shutter release and went “click”, looked at the result on the back of the camera and said “you’re still in my shot” whilst sipping my tea… They finally stepped out of shot, I got what I wanted and gave them a flourished bow allowing them the stage… 

Anyway enough ramblings, I hope you enjoy the shot… don’t forget to like it if you do, it’s always appreciated… 😀



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