The town of 1770 is one of Queensland’s hidden little treasures.  Beautiful beaches, fantastic wildlife, a campsite on the edge of the shore.  The town was built  by James Cook on his second landing in Australia in the year of 1770, which is where it gets it’s name funnily enough.  The shot was taken on a trip a few years back which involved a drive from Cairnes to the Melbourne and beyond, pretty much avoiding the majority of the main cities along the coast road and camping all the way… in just over one month I covered 6,500 miles, with some of the straightest and most uninteresting environments I’ve ever been in… at the same time you come across some of the most amazing sites you will ever see… it’s just the distance between the two…

The shot I’ve chosen is a silhouette of some of the mangroves on the beach and it was a single shot taken with a thin veil of cloud over the sun just before the sun set. I love the structure of the roots against the dusky background, with the layers of structure of the hills in the background.

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Paul Stoakes

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