I’ve been looking at different ways that I can manage my social media and I’ve found some pretty good solutions out there…  This is my first post to posterous and I’ll be interested to see how this works, I’ve linked it to every account that Posterous supports, that I own. This included linkedin, facebook fan page, twitter, tumblr, wordpress, youtube, delicious and a couple of others… lets see what happens when I click post… 

So, for my first post I’m going to throw in a link to one of my images from smugmug…

This is a shot from my 10 day trek around Iceland, it’s multiple exposures and frames stitched together in photoshop. Iceland is definitely a place I will venture back to and the next time it will probably be a 21 day excursion, 10 days is enough to travel around the majority of the country, but you are doing a lot of travelling with not a lot of time to get out and about.   I had to completely ignore the north western fjords of the country, because of the roads and the layout it would have pushed me more than a couple of days outside of return flight. I’ll do a couple of blog posts about my journey around Iceland in the coming weeks… but this post is really to test posterous and how it handles posts… 🙂


Iceland  - Eye For Images Photography

Seems to look ok in the posterous editing window, lets see how it comes through in blogger and others… 🙂



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