I’ve spent some time today working on Posterous and my initial impressions are that it’s awesome.

As you will see from the look of the site, it’s completely customisable and this is done through editing/adding CSS and HTML.  It was almost a straight copy and paste from blogger to posterous with a little bit of tweaking to perfect the look.  One thing of note is that when you copy the CSS/HTML into the editor window for Posterous you can get CSS tags being added to your CSS.  I removed all of this additional CSS as there were some sections added that cause some odd effects.  So, when pasting in your CSS from elsewhere, just keep an eye on what you copied and what appears when you paste and all should be good.

A bit of a let down is the fact that you can’t add script sections to your blog, but I worked around this using my dropbox public folder.  For those who don’t know, if you drop a HTML file into your public folder for dropbox, it gets treated as any other HTML file would be on a web server.  I simply added an iFrame to the CSS that had the script pieces I wanted in the web page.

All in all a very pleasant experience and now I can spam the world with my blog posts, not that I’m promoting spamming… but it makes the tasks of posting to my blog, updating facebook, updating twitter, linkedin and any other resource I can think of.

It will also be interesting to see how this impacts my search engine optimisation (SEO) with back links as all the places I post to contain back links to my blog and to my home page… I’ll update on any positive effects on this.  This will be part of a bigger article I’ll be doing on optimising your smugmug site for SEO. 

Krafla – Iceland

As promised, here’s another shot from my trip to iceland, this is the Krafla volcano that erupted in 1974… your feet are definitely a lot warmer when you’re stood in the mouth of a volcano… 🙂

In the mouth of Krafla - Krafla Volcano, Iceland - Eye For Images Photography

One of the areas that is definitely worth a trip if ever you head to Iceland, lots of geothermal activity and very smelly because of the sulphur.  As I was wandering around the edge of the Volcano, I was keeping an eye on little yellow posts they have lining a path.  There was mist and steam from the ground rolling around at quite a pace, the little yellow posts coming in and out of view as I walked along.  The wind started to pick up a little and eventually started to really clear the mist a lot more, resulting in open space where I could take the shot above.  After I’d got the shot, I thought to myself, my feet are bloody warm, it was then that I realised that there were two lines of yellow posts coming to a junction behind me, I’d actually walked straight off the “safe” path and into the mouth itself.  I quickly grabbed all of my gear and hot footed it (hoho) to the safe path again, luckily my merrells were only slightly gooey and I hadn’t done any real damage… but it made me a lot more careful about where I was sticking my size 11’s after that. 




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