Posterous, the verdict so far… and another panoramic from Iceland

Posterous I’ve spent some time today working on Posterous and my initial impressions are that it’s awesome. As you will see from the look of the site, it’s completely customisable and this is done through editing/adding CSS and HTML.  It was almost a straight copy and paste from blogger to posterous with a little bit […]

DNS… oh dear DNS…

I’ve decided to go with Posterous as I really like the way it works… but… I now have an issue. I switched DNS to point to Blogger (my old hoster) and to Posterous… of course, now both are in a changing state across the name servers of the internet and it will take […]

To Posterous or not to Posterous, that is the question…

I’ve been looking at different ways that I can manage my social media and I’ve found some pretty good solutions out there…  This is my first post to posterous and I’ll be interested to see how this works, I’ve linked it to every account that Posterous supports, that I own. This included linkedin, facebook fan […]

Ipad – The Photographers Toolkit – TPE; The Photographer’s Ephemeris


A lot of people will know the photographer’s ephemeris, it’s a very well known and powerful app for assessing the best time of the year to visit specific landscape locations and get shots with the sun in exactly the right position in relation to the landscape.  It takes all of the guess work from shooting […]

Ipad – The photographers Toolkit – Weather Apps

Weather Pro iPad

I’ve bought/downloaded a bucket load of weather apps for the iPad, many are absolutely useless.  The information about the weather is hit and miss, the amount of detail is limited and really not enough to get a feeling of what is going to be happening on the day I’m out shooting. I eventually settled on a […]